5 Easy Ways to Update Your Backyard This Summer

Summer is (somehow) only one month away, so it’s time to start thinking about ways to update your backyard to enjoy the summer weather. Below we’ve listed 5 easy and inexpensive ways to update your backyard without needing to completely start from scratch.


1. Use your green thumb

One of the best feelings is updating your outdoor plant collection. Get creative and build your own planter or try plants you’ve never worked with before. Breath new life into that yard!


2. Add a small water feature

Though some water features can be pricey, there are more and more affordable options on the market everyday. There is no need to look for something large and grand to update your backyard. You should be seeking a water feature that has a gentle, relaxing sound that adds a nice tranquil touch to any yard.


3. Have a drink

If you love grilling and entertaining outside, an outdoor bar cart is a very convenient and classy touch. You can also use this cart for meal prep if you do not have an outdoor kitchen.


4. Add lighting

Adding outdoor light to a backyard makes the space feel more intimate and comfortable. From small solar-powered sidewalk lanterns to large patio string lights, a little bit of extra lighting will go a long way.


5. Light a fire

Similar to water features, there are many affordable fire pits on the market. If you’re feeling creative, you can build your own in-ground fire pit. Adding some sort of fire feature is the perfect update for your backyard if you want to enjoy more nights outdoors or enjoy your friends long after the sun has set.


Are you looking to update more than your backyard? Give us a call. We can give you advice on an interior design project or take care of it all for you.