Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

After 35 years of living in the same home, Ken and Nancy’s kids had moved out and their house began to feel impractical. Their existing home was no longer large enough to handle family events and Nancy says “I never cared to have company, because I didn’t feel the house was functional.”

They considered selling their home and moving into the home Nancy’s parents owned. It was a tri-level with lots of stairs, and their existing home is a single-level ranch. They also did not want to leave their community. “We love the location, we love our neighbors and we’ve lived here for 35 years,” Nancy says. So, they sold Nancy’s parents’ house and hired us to give their ranch-style home a face lift.

They bought the house in 1968 for $45,000 in southeast Denver. Before the remodel it was 1,900 square feet, and now the house is 2,600 square feet. Between inflation and the addition, the house’s value has without a doubt increased significantly.

There were quite a few things they wanted from this remodel: a larger dining room for their growing family, a walk-in pantry, his-and-hers closets, his-and-hers toilet rooms, a home office, a door from the master suite to the putting green, and a laundry closet in the master suite. Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us.

We started planning September of 2004 and construction began the following April. Nancy and Ken moved out and their new-and-improved home was ready for them by October 14th.

Here is the before-and-after blueprint of their house:

Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

The most obvious change is the 700-square-foot addition that became their master suite. This master suite took care of five items on their list: his-and-hers closets, his-and-hers toilet rooms, a home office, a door from the master suite to the putting green, and a laundry closet.

Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

Their old master bedroom became the guest bedroom, so we decided to revamp the new guest bathroom by giving them a double vanity, taking down the over-sized mirror, and installing nice warm lighting.


Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel


Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

The next big change was the kitchen. Between the counter tops, cabinets and appliances, the kitchen desperately needed a remodel. We gutted the old kitchen, blew out a small non-load bearing wall, and created their gorgeous modern kitchen. We gave them the walk-in pantry they always wanted and even gave them space for a kitchen table with a bay window!


Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel


Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

Before-and-After Mediterranean Remodel

The next item on their list was a larger dining room to fit their growing family. The kitchen expanded into their old dining room, so their old formal living room would now become their new dining room. We figured ten chairs of the same color would be a little boring, so we covered them in five colors, from terra cotta to pale yellow.



At the back of the house is the family room. We added a contemporary fireplace, leather chairs, a wall unit that frames their plasma TV, and added a doorway where there was once a window.



The hallway bathroom was the next room that needed the BDG touch. We removed the archway, replaced the tiles in the shower to make the room brighter, and gave them a new modern vanity.



Last but certainly not least, we fixed up the foyer. We gave them a new front door, tile flooring, and we made the doorway to the dining room much larger.



There are several not-so-obvious details that we added to the house to make it senior-friendly: an adjustable king-size bed, a bench in the master shower, two recliners, pull-out storage drawers, a side-by-side freezer refrigerator, easy on/off faucets, and a wheelchair accessible kitchen. Although it doesn’t look it, these additions will support Ken and Nancy’s lives for many years to come, and Ken says “this is not your grandma’s house; this is our house.”

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This remodel was featured in the Rocky Mountain News.