Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Now that December is finally here, it’s time to decorate for the holidays! Maybe you’re an over-achieving Holiday decorator and like being done before Thanksgiving, or maybe you refuse to decorate before December 1st. No matter when you decide to welcome the holiday cheer into your home, we want to make sure you do it right! Follow these simple tips and your decorations are sure to impress.

Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Make the fireplace a focal point

Wintertime usually brings cold weather, so it’s nice to make your house a bit warmer by lighting a fire in the fireplace and emphasizing it. Try not to obstruct the view of the fireplace from all corners of the room and have some fun with decorations! Make the fireplace stand out so as soon as you enter the room, you immediately feel warm and welcome.

Don’t have a fireplace? Scatter the color red around the room if your color scheme is a bit cold, and pay special attention to the next tip.

Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Light candles

Try emphasizing other warm features in the room like a candle arrangement on the coffee table, or scatter a few candles around the room for a nice warm glow. If you are not allowed to have real candles in your home, there are quite a few battery powered candles that look real and are very affordable!

Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Add throw blankets

Blankets are great to have around in the winter! Even if your home is warm, just the image of a blanket adds a cozy feeling to any room. In the living room above, you’ll notice the blankets make the room look warmer and much more inviting. Want to go above and beyond? Add a basket with a few blankets so no one gets left out!

Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Complement your home’s architecture

It is much easier to cover your home’s architecture than to compliment it while decorating for the holidays. Take advantage of beautiful handrails by putting twinkling lights underneath them, draw attention to large windows with wreaths, or frame an archway with garland.

Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Don’t ignore lighting

Winter means shorter days and longer nights, so you shouldn’t overcrowd the windows and block the little natural light you can get during the day. At night, try to keep the harsh overhead lighting to a minimum and add some warm light fixtures to make your home feel cozier. In the image above, you’ll notice the windows are not covered making the room nice and bright, and the lighting will be warm at night with the tree lights, candles, and floor lamp.

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