5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

Decorating your home can be stressful, but don’t be tempted by a quick remedy. With just a little more planning and patience, your home will look exactly as you had hoped. Here are 5 common interior design mistakes that are easy to avoid!

Interior Design Mistakes

1. Choosing the wrong rug size

One of the most common mistakes is buying a rug that’s too small. Living room rugs should be roughly 8 by 10 feet, or even 9 by 12. The front legs of your furniture should sit on the rug so the rug isn’t hovering in the middle of the room. A correctly sized rug can completely transform a space, so do some research or ask an expert!


2. Buying everything at one time

Not only is it stressful to decorate an entire room in one day, but you are denying the room of it’s potential. You could end up matching quite a few items, and you do not want to do that. Your space should have some personality, and you should love everything you buy, not just like it.


Common Interior Design Mistakes

3. Hanging art too high

Once you buy an art piece, it’s natural to want to show it off! Make sure to hang artwork at eye level; don’t get carried away or worry about it going unnoticed. The same goes for collages: the center of a collage—not the bottom—should be at eye level.


4. Buying lots of inexpensive pieces

This mistake has multiple negative affects. If you buy a lot of inexpensive decorations, chances are you are overdecorating. You also might be distracting from the focal point of the room (which every room should have). Though it might seem counter intuitive, it’s usually cheaper to buy one accent that brings the room together rather than lots of small accessories. Save up, find something you absolutely love, and splurge on something that will last.


Common Interior Design Mistakes

5. Ignoring a space’s potential

Whether it be an empty hallway, an unfilled corner or an unused formal living room, it is common for a household to have a space that’s unloved. Once you initially decorate your home, it’s easy to ignore a small corner that you didn’t notice the potential of right away. Try to walk through your home again and identify a space that you have ignored or that deserves a new use!

What interior design mistakes have you made or seen in a home? Please share this article and tell us your story!