Commercial Design

Our commercial design services are of the highest quality. With a wealth of design and build experience ranging over a wide variety of sectors and environments, our designs are produced with input from the builders themselves in order to maintain the integrity and practicality of designs from initial concepting to final fit-out.

Bollinger Design Group is proud of its track record of managing projects on time and within budget to help minimize business inconvenience and costs and maximize profitability.

Commercial projects completed include:

  • The Pinnacle Club (formerly the Petroleum Club)
  • First Presbyterian Church, Littleton and Highlands
  • Park Presbyterian Church, Denver
  • First Christian Reform Church
  • Colorado Federal Savings Bank
  • Candlewyck Condominium (Lobby & Common Areas)
  • La Fontana Condominium (Lobby and Billiards Room)
    (lobby featured on the right of this page)
  • Several medical offices throughout the Denver metro area
  • Loyola University (Administrative Offices)
  • Rare Book Room & Legal Clinic

Commercial Specialties

Bollinger Design Group specializes in a variety of commercial projects. Click on a specialty for more information.

How long have you wanted your office to reflect the successful image it deserves?  More corporate offices are realizing the physical workplace is very important to not only increasing productivity, but also keeping exceptional employees.  The trend is to make the workplace less corporate and more residential, providing employees with adequate workspaces that are private and comfortable, but innovative and promote teamwork when necessary.  This is beneficial for employees who put in long hours to get the most out of the workday.  Bollinger Design Group will design a space that reflects your office culture.  Using innovative designs and color theory, we will create a space that benefits your employees, promotes productivity and reflects the success of your business.

High-quality interior design in a private club is crucial to success because it can create a distinguished ambiance that sets them apart from competition.  Private clubs are finding it harder and harder to entertain and service their clientele.  So when designing a space, private clubs need to concentrate on creating a home away from home that reflects their club members’ tastes.  The challenge lies in also creating a space that is adaptable and evolving to meet the needs of future members.  Bollinger Design Group will work with you to create a total environment suited toward your current clientele, but address the needs of the facility, personnel and prospective changes in membership.

Great design of common areas (e.g., lobbies, corridors, social settings) in condominiums and clubhouses can really help your real estate investment live up to its potential.  Consumers now have new standards of living that combine business, community and luxury.  Common areas are unique because they announce your residential style and cater to the public by creating an energetic introduction to your community.  It caters to your private residents by welcoming them home and providing them with added amenities creating new luxury in everyday life.  Have you ever felt like you were losing business due to your facilities appearance?  Bollinger Design Group is experienced in creating lobbies, corridors and social areas that are unique and representative of your community, bringing added luxury and value to your investment.

When it comes to designing the interior of a church, a good space plan is significant because it needs to promote both functionality and spirituality.  Many churches today are looking to rehabilitate the splendor of their architectural character, yet incorporate modernized enhancements such as updated lighting and acoustics.  Churches need to emphasize transitional spaces that can direct the congregation to large gathering areas for stimulating conversation during pre/post services and activities.  Bollinger Design Group can create a space that is functional, enhances the quality of your church’s architectural character and reflects the beliefs and evolving needs of your congregation.

When it comes to bar and restaurant design, image and function are vital and can contribute to the bottom line – more business.  Seeing and being is part of the experience, and consumers expect an entertaining atmosphere to enhance their evening out.  Not only does your environment need to be attractive and customer friendly, but also labor efficient, which is why a good space plan is key.  At Bollinger Design Group, we will work with your vision to create a restaurant/bar setting that enriches and reinforces your customer’s overall experience, is efficient for your employees and increases your bottom line.