Transitional Interior Design

If you are new to interior design or have ever had trouble choosing just one interior design style, transitional interior design might be for you.


What is transitional interior design?

Transitional design is a mixture of traditional (old) and contemporary (new) interior design styles. Transitional interior design is a great style choice if you are trying to mix two different styles or cannot decide on just one style for your home. This gives you more freedom when decorating your space and allows you to put your own spin on traditional design styles.


Key Elements

Though transitional interior design can fluctuate, there are a few key elements that are consistent among most transitional spaces:

  • Clean and neutral color palette
  • Simple and sophisticated decor
  • A modern art piece or light fixture


Throughout the Home

littleton interior design transitional remodel

In the bedroom, keep the colors very neutral and warm. This complements the transitional style and it is an interior design tip we recommend for a better nights sleep. Make the light fixtures contemporary (new) and the artwork traditional (old) or vice versa. Add a traditional headboard with simple but modern bedding.


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In the bathroom, if your bathtub or vanity is fairly modern, add a traditional light fixture. If your cabinetry has an old-fashioned look, add a granite counter for a modern touch. Just like the bedroom, you want a nice mixture or old and new. Click here to learn more about the transitional style bathroom shown above.


transitional interior design denver

In the kitchen and dining area, you will typically see modern light fixtures combined with another traditional element. This can be the seating, cabinetry, or artwork on the wall. Most—but not all—transitional kitchens have white cabinetry with dark flooring.


transitional interior design denver

In the living room, there really aren’t rules. Depending on your homes architecture, you will want to add opposing styles to make the space transitional. If you already own very traditional couches and chairs, compliment them with a contemporary coffee table and a few contemporary throw pillows.


Transitional interior design is a great place to start your interior design journey. It gives you plenty of freedom while also giving you guidance when necessary. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and decor, but keep your color palette in mind.


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